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                                              Methods of treatment

Jermuk is a health resort, thanks to it's hot mineral springs with healing properties. Jermuk water stocks are quite large: there are about 40 sources, some of which gushers. Their daily output reaches over 2 million liters. Water temperature ranges from 57 to 64 degrees. That waters were used for health purposes from ancient times.
Treatment in "Olympia" sanatorium - it's always the high quality of medical services, professional advice of specialists, attention and carrying staff. The most important place in the complex of medical procedures takes the use of hyperthermal mineral water with a special chemical composition, as well as climatic features of highland region. Special diet, physical therapy and individually developed complex of physio-therapeutic procedures complement the treatment.









                      Medical profile of «Olympia» sanatorium is the treatment of:

1. Gastrointestinal system diseases(chronic gastritis, erosive gastritis, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer and postoperative conditions , chronic colitis , enterocolitis, an inflammation of the

 biliary tract , cholelithiasis , pancreatic disease , chronic pancreatitis)
2. Musculoskeletal system diseases (pain, chronic arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis with root syndrome, inflammation of the nerves)
3. Genitourinary system diseases (urolithiasis, chronic nephritis, chronic cystitis, inflammatory diseases of the genital organs)
4. Metabolic disorders (diabetes diabed, obesity)

                                The sanatorium conducts following researches:

1. Consultation of narrow specialists
2. Electrocardiogram
3. Ultrasound study
4. Clinical analyzes of blood and urine
5. Biochemical analyzes of blood

6. Analyze of the smear


1. Mineral bath
2. 4-chamber galvanic bath
3. Needles bath
4. Hydro massage
5. Gastric lavage
6. Doudenage (rinsing of 12 duodenal ulcer)
7. Intestinal lavage with mineral water
8. Microclysters with mineral water and herbs
9. Ginecological irrigation
10. Gingival hydromassage
11. Inhalation (with mineral water, herbal remedies, drugs)
12. Ultrasound Therapy 13. Magnitoterapia
14. Galvanic electricity
15. Electrophoresis
16. Darsonval massage
17. Sinusoidal power
18. Dietary currents
19. Laser
20. Quantum and infra-red radiotherapy
21. Tubus quartz
22. Galvanotorf
23. Paraffin
24. Massage (classic, medical)
25. Aromatherapy
26. Oxygen cocktail
27. Lymphatic Drainage
28. Karboksitherapy
29. Pneumopuncture
30. Therapeutic Exercise
31. Galotherapy (Salt cave)


Any diseases in the acute stage
Infectious diseases, fever
Substandard neoplasms
Hypertensive heart disease of stage 3
Heart failure of stage 2-3

The optimal period for an effective treatment is 14 to 21 days.
Treatments are available from Monday to Saturday 9:00 to 18:00 o’clock